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Version: 1.2.x

Manual klipper firmware compilation


RatOS automatically compiles firmware for your board when klipper is updated. You shouldn't have to do this unless something is broken.

If you need to compile the firmware for your board yourself, here's how you do it.

SSH into the Raspberry Pi

You're need to log into the Pi via SSH. The default username is pi and the password is raspberry (sidenote: it's a good idea to change this via sudo raspi-config). If you're on linux or Mac OS, you can do this by opening a terminal and type:

ssh pi@ratos.local

Now navigate to the klipper directory:

cd ~/klipper

The configuration klipper needs to compile the firmware for your board is stored in ~/klipper_config/config/boards/[BOARD_NAME]/firmware.config. To list the board names execute the following command:

ls -la ~/klipper_config/config/boards

Let's say we need to compile the firmware for the octopus. We then need to copy the configuration file from ~/klipper_config/config/boards/btt-octopus-11/firmware.config

cp -f ~/klipper_config/config/boards/btt-octopus-11/firmware.config ~/klipper/.config

Now we're ready to compile the firmware!

make olddefconfig
make clean

Download the firmware from the Pi

Now klipper has compiled it's firmware to ~/klipper/out/klipper.bin. We can download that to our machine via scp or WinSCP (for windows users).

Linux and Mac OS users can use scp from their local machines like this:

scp pi@ratos.local:klipper/out/klipper.bin firmware.bin